PBGFR Chaplain

Spiritual guidance from our Chaplain can help you navigate personal and work-related difficulties.

Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue understands that caring for its firefighters means more than just providing the physical training one needs to fulfill their job responsibilities. It’s also about providing personal, holistic support that is critical to the overall health and wellness within the department.
The Fire Chaplain, alongside the Peer Support Team, provides that personal and holistic support.
The Chaplain is not endorsing any particular faith or religion. They are there to serve the department by providing safe, confidential, welcoming, non-judgmental support.
The PBGFR Chaplain will assist the department in various areas outside of one-to-one firefighter support.


Graduation Ceremonies

Promotional Ceremonies


On-Scene Support

Community Engagement




About Chad A. Lang

Chad Lang has provided support to first responders for almost two decades in various cities around the country as a local pastor or chaplain.

During that time, he has served many departments, including City of Pittsburgh Fire, City of Albany Fire, Savannah Fire Rescue, Ross Township Fire & Police, Palm Beach County Sheriffs Department, Global Guardian, and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

As a former firefighter, Chad has a unique understanding of the mental, emotional and physical challenges firefighters face throughout their careers. As a result, he has developed a passion for helping firefighters thrive professionally, personally, emotionally, and spiritually inside and outside the department.

Chad is an ordained, non-denominational pastor that serves as the Executive Director of Pastoral Relations for the Surge Project and also holds counseling certifications in marriage, family, and crisis intervention.

Support, comfort, and counsel to help strengthen each firefighter’s emotional, mental, and spiritual health.